The La Grande Optimist Club rents sign space on the outfield fence of Optimist Memorial Field in Pioneer Park, La Grande.  Below is information about renting space for your business/cause.

Score board and signs on Optimist Field

signs on outfield fence

More signs on Optimist Field

Score board the "Green Monster"

Signs wth Score Board and "Green Monster" on Optimist Field

Signs Space rents for $99/yr. 4'x8' Signs are hung in early April and are taken down early November.
You can provide your own sign (on Approved Media meeting Optimist Specifications) or the Optimist club will provide a sign, with your artwork, Logos and Layout information on a sign grade 4x8 sheet painted by a local professional painter at an additional cost of $250, including first years rent.

Click here for a copy of the Sign-Space Rental agreement

If we provide your sign, please be able to provide the following:
          1 Artwork, logos, and layout information
          2 Make sketch of how you would like sign to look
          3 In interest of safety to the players all base color of all signs will be neutral. however, 
             you have the option of artwork and letter colors.

Once the agreement is signed, production is ~ 2-3 weeks but may be as long as 8 weeks.

Please fill out form below for more information or call Bryan at 963-2155 days or Joel 963-2544 Evenings

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